Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Hello everyone,
Today I did a poem about being energetic. Unfortunately I have left Tamaki primary. But I will still try to blog more often.

Energetic is the yellow of the rainbow in the sky.

It smells like sweet cherries on you black forest cake.

Energetic sounds like laughter coming from the backyard after a long,fun day at school.

It feels like a balloon bursting in your hand,letting the happiness run free.

It taste like sweet honey melting in your mouth.

Energetic looks like everyone coming inside for dinner with a smile and memories of the fun they had.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

This is basic words in chinese. HAPPY CHINESE LANGUAGE WEEK!

Chinese dragons!

                                                    Hi everyone,        

This is my poster about chinese dragons. Chinese dragons are a strong symbol in China. They are usually Red and gold/yellow. The red means joy and the gold/yellow means cherish. The picture is of me and my                                                                         dragon.

Friday, 9 September 2016

I heard a whisper but no one was there

In the year of 1980 there lived a 10 year old girl called Madeline Parkers. She lived a normal life in a normal town and went to a normal school but there was something that was not normal,it was Madeline she was not normal at all. She was a grumpy girl that alway was groaning about what she had and didn’t have. She would always get jealous of others that had thing she didn’t have and didn’t even need.She would then run to her parents and  moan “I want…” and they would say “You don’t need that. You have everything you need,A loving family,A roof over your head and a room full of toys.

At school the day of August 27th 1980 she sat in class at school frowning. She glared at all the girls that were crowded around  Ruby Robinson's desk. She was mean to everyone that day even her best friends. “That dress is going to look smashing on you” said Emma her best friend. “That is stunning” said Mia her other best friend. After school Madeleine ran home and put her halloween costume on,she then had her afternoon tea,played with her dolls had dinner and left. Her father dropped her off at her friends house then left. They then went to the halloween party at the park. There she saw Ruby in her sparkly princess dress with her sparkly tiara and diamond necklace. She glared at her with hate then went over to Ruby. “Hello Ruby,What smashing dress you are wearing. What about that tiara of yours,is it real?” Madeleine said sarcastically. “Oh Thank you and yes it is real. Its beautiful aye” said Ruby, “but not for long” Madeline said furiously as she pushed Ruby into a mud puddle.  “My beautiful dress” squealed  Ruby. As she was squealing something green came out,Madeline thought it was her horrid breath but she was wrong. As her and her friend walked home Madeline got a tingling sensation in
Her hand. She then heard a whisper in her ear,it was creepy. She then felt things touching her even though it looked like no one was. She then went insane! “If you want me come get me you creep!” she said. Everyone turned and looked at her,some of them said she looked crazy and others just shake their head in disapproval. When she got home she did her night routines then went to bed. As she was drifting off to sleep she felt someone touch her. Then a whisper in her ear, “you have been sentenced to 6 years of irritation, and Humiliation.” She suddenly froze then ran into her parents room and went to sleep in there,just for her father to take her back into her own room. Madeline was really annoyed after the 5th time of getting poked in the head by a person she can’t even see.

Now Madeline  wishes she didn’t do that to Ruby. But she doesn’t know that she has to say sorry to Ruby and the 6 year would go away.